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Dr. Paras

Who we are?

Dr. Paras is an unconventional Coach & Trainer who has brought about phenomenal transformations in lives of People. His passion for his work and driving change in the Organizations has resulted in paradigm shifts. Inspired by his learning, Managements and Executives have progressed firmly towards beleiving in change. A change within, that can create varied possibilities for organizations to excel and grow, irrespective of challenging situations.

Dr. Paras has partnered with many leaders and potential leaders for Leadership development, Executive Coaching (CEO's, Directors, Senior Management), dynamic environment. He has a direct, inspirational, incisive and empathetic approach. Gifted with the sensitivity to listen to the emotional depth of words and connect with people, Paras successfully builds trust to act as a catalyst for change. He is extreamly passionate about driving people to be extrordinary, innovative, creative, and successful in every domain of life through Coaching and Training. He has done commendable work in transforming Behavioral Patterns of many Senior Executives through programs like Self Discovery, Leadership Insight Series and Coaching. He has created greater passion, excellence, commitment and alignment to goals.


To bring an Inspirational Transformation and Elevation in Masses. To Craft Training and Coaching as a Learning Culture to Capitalize on Skills for Augmentation.


Recognize and nurture the hidden potentials of individuals’ and organizations’ desired goals. Our commitment is to provide practical training to enhance the competency level of our customers. MATRRIX aims to set the standard of excellence, and be the first choice of our clientele.


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