Mr. Pushkraj Wagh / Forbes Marshall
Mr. Ravin Mirchandani / VRV Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd.
Participant / Praj Industries
Participant / Praj Industries
The Need for Emotional Intelligence for Managers & Leaders
Secrets to Manage your Emotions Learning Space

This two day workshop was a life changing experience for me. The use of psychotherapy shook me from my delusion and stirred something deep inside for the personal change I required to see within myself. I thank Dr. Paras for introducing myself to a more powerful me who is capable to rule the world now.


When our company policies underwent a change, the biggest challenge was not create a knee jerk reaction amongst all those who were to get affected with the change. This workshop helped our team of seniors create a sound base to announce the changes and highlight the positives of the change which was to come in


The name Sarathi fascinated me immensely to begin with. I instantly knew it was for me. Normally I am extremely hesitant to undertake such programs but this turned out be one of the wisest decisions of my professional life. Today leading my organisation doesn’t feel like a stressful job but a matter of pride.


When Dr. Paras introduced the concept to us, we were extremely enthusiastic about it. And this program lived up to our enthusiasm. It has managed to change the entire environment at our organisation. There is complete turn-around in the attitude and mood of the entire staff. We are collectively working on a daily basis to make working here a pleasure and a matter of pride.


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