Mr. Pavan Kumar Saini / PRAJ Industries
Participant / Praj Industries
Participant / Garware Wall Ropes
5 Secrets to be Self Motivated
Dr Paras @ Squats Wellness Convention

Being assertive helps avoiding thinking negative, over thinking, over committing and much more. This workshop helped me bring out my assertiveness which brought along a lot of peace of mind.


Dr. Paras’s ‘Negotiate- Persuade- Influence’ technique has helped me to such a large extent in cracking deals and maintaining them. My work enthusiasm has reached new heights with the success of my negotiation skills.


“We don’t get to choose whom we work with”, is what Dr. Paras says and that is true. This workshop brought out in me the ability to do by best in spite of things which affect me but are not in my control. I learnt to deal with people who made workplace a horror for me and my creativity and today I happily go to work without being influenced by them.


When the workshop began, Dr. Paras said that, “Positive thinking is infectious”. I didn’t believe him. But by the time the sessions ended, I was inspired to only think positive that every negative thought that approached my mind, dissolved right outside of it. This has helped me tremendously in setting and achieving personal and professional goals.


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