Mr. Pavan Kumar Saini / PRAJ Industries
Participant / Praj Industries
Participant / Garware Wall Ropes
5 Secrets to be Self Motivated
Dr Paras @ Squats Wellness Convention

Change is inevitable. So instead of resisting it, it’s better to accept it and use it to our advantage. This workshop taught me how to not be scared of organisational change and how to be assertive in and drive change effectively in an organisation.


In my professional journey I had lost focus on myself. This workshop engraved a new path to my goals. It inculcated in me self- appreciation. This gave me the confidence that I could motivate my juniors and lead a successful team. I got clarity with my fundamentals.


When our company policies underwent a change, the biggest challenge was not create a knee jerk reaction amongst all those who were to get affected with the change. This workshop helped our team of seniors create a sound base to announce the changes and highlight the positives of the change which was to come in.


I have always been an adored boss. But somewhere I knew it was because of the comfort my people saw in me and not for professional reasons. I wanted to move a step ahead and be respected and admired for my work. Knowing your job and doing it like you know it are two different things. This workshop taught me that. I always had elaborate and impressive aims. I just couldn’t map them appropriately to get good results. This would make the whole process stressful and with an intention to please my subordinates i would always end up taxing myself. After this workshop I learnt the real meaning of leadership. Here’s paying ode to Dr. Paras for polishing me personally and professionally.


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