Mr. Pavan Kumar Saini / PRAJ Industries
Participant / Praj Industries
Dr. M Ganesh / Praj Industries
5 Secrets to be Self Motivated
Dr Paras @ Squats Wellness Convention

The five point foundational learning of this course recreated the concept of Leadership for me. It taught me the importance of harmony in leading. This has brought a lot of peace to me in life and had added effectiveness to my professional life.


I was initially extremely hesitant to enrol for this mainly due to the duration. But as we started and progressed, I thought this was the best professional investment we had made. The most effective part was where along with Dr. Paras we caught the in depth movement of each of the departments. This took our annual escalation to new heights.


This three day program changed the course of operations in our set up. I personally learned the importance of conflict management, and got clarity on Role v/s Job. Emotional intelligence was one of the most effective modules of the workshop and that has helped me tremendously in my personal life too.


I always had a low self esteem. This would in many ways affect my efficiency. I would always be unsure of the work I had performed. After “Aspire”, however tables turned. My moral started to remain high and I started to inject more confidence in my work.


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