Mr. Pavan Kumar Saini / PRAJ Industries
Participant / France
Participant / Alfa Laval
5 Secrets to be Self Motivated
Dr Paras @ Squats Wellness Convention

Assigning a designation to someone is one part, but making them capable to claim that part and not get intimidated is another. With this workshop, our team learnt the right meaning of leadership.


My biggest drawback was that I could never say ‘NO’. Seniors would load me with responsibilities which were beyond my scope of work and I would invest extra time and effort to fulfil all that. This left me with very little time and energy for myself. Also the result was never what I expected. After this workshop I have learnt to prioritise well and it has brought me a lot of peace of mind.


Attending this workshop has benefited my professional life immensely. I have learnt the importance of clarity of thoughts and clarity in communication. Today I look forward to go to work as there is no confusion in my agenda or thought process.


Over all my working years I had entered a comfort zone with myself and my capabilities. I had begun to believe that it’s okay to perform ordinarily or even to underperform. After this workshop though, I reached a new height of motivation to do better and achieve further.


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