Mr. Pavan Kumar Saini / PRAJ Industries
Participant / Alfa Laval
Participant / RAYCHEM RPG
5 Secrets to be Self Motivated
Dr Paras @ Squats Wellness Convention

It is easy to complain about a problem, but equally difficult to solve it. The knack is to not get bogged down with problems and ‘think out of the box’ for logical solutions. This workshop taught me to distract my mind from the negativity of a problem and to concentrate on the possibility of solutions for the same.


Dr. Paras has a unique technique of taking away the negativity from the word criticism and making it constructive. This workshop has helped me to highlight in my mind only the important aspects of a feedback or criticism. This has enabled me to concentrate on improvising in all walks of life.


“Unite in diversity” is a core value of our company. But for some reason there would always be friction and indirect exchange of grief between team members over cultural differences etc. After this workshop there is immense empathy and sensitivity amongst employees regarding their backgrounds.


This workshop instilled in all of us the feeling that we owned our company. This directly encouraged us to work for the progress and reputation of our company rather than the salary. Today we all walk into our offices like we own it and make each day matter.


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